Our expertise in providing litigation support services and expert witness testimony is a direct function of the quality and experience of our people and how well we work together and with our clients. Our outstanding reputation for valued testimony in civil and criminal litigation is a direct result of our performance in more than 400 legal proceedings, ranging in scope from divorce cases to national product liability suits involving Fortune 500 companies. Our approach to providing litigation support services is to identify significant areas for potential analysis and to continually reassess the cost effectiveness of further effort.

Because we believe that our clients deserve a high level of expertise for any project we perform, the principals in our firm perform a major part of the work on a given engagement. As a result, the principal testifying on the case develops a thorough understanding of the facts and issues. Since we have few lower-level staff compared to the large accounting and consulting firms, our focus is on addressing and solving client problems rather than on training our personnel at the cost of client time and expense.