As professional investment advisers, we have helped hundreds of individuals make the complex simple.  Unlike money managers and single product brokers, who focus primarily on securities selection, we help our client understand the bigger picture by assessing their needs first and then creating a customized strategy to help them achieve their goals.

Our investment management process is a four-step process. We begin with a thorough needs analysis (Capital Sufficiency Analysis).  We then develop a strategic asset allocation.   We engage in tactical asset allocation to capitalize on near-term market opportunities.  Finally, we implement and supervise the customized investment management strategy.

Capital Sufficiency Analysis

  • Consider time frame for meeting goals
  • Incorporate long term goals and tolerance for risk
  • Determine targeted rate of return

Strategic Asset Allocation Strategy

  • Determine appropriate asset classes and portfolio weights necessary to achieve the long-term targeted rate of return as outlined by the investment plan
  • Minimize portfolio risk to the level necessary to achieve that targeted return
  • Select the most effective investments to meet your strategic asset allocation needs
  • Integrate the investment plan with your specific tax situation

Tactical Asset Allocation Strategy

  • Take advantage of opportunities to ensure your investments are meeting the goals established earlier in the process
  • Take advantage of appropriate investment opportunities given current economic and market conditions
  • Consider short-term strategies in meeting your long-term investment plan

Investment Supervision and Management

  • Implement and manage the determined investment strategy
  • Prioritize and manage your investments in the appropriate asset classes to ensure we are meeting your goals
  • Review your plan and the performance of your investments
  • Manage the investments to minimize income tax expense

The fees for our services are based upon a percentage of assets, or in certain situations, the time we spend in assisting our client in the above areas.