We recognize that audit and attest engagements are usually generated by third parties-lenders or creditors, shareholders, bonding companies or security regulators. Therefore, most clients view an audit as something which is imposed on them by outsiders and, in some cases, as a necessary evil.

To mitigate these feelings, we view audit and accounting engagements as opportunities to assist our clients. It is for this reason that our principals are heavily involved in each engagement to evaluate the physical and operational environment of each client. This results in specially tailored audit programs that consider each client’s unique accounting policies, personnel capabilities, accounting controls, and administrative procedures.

We also believe that an audit or accounting engagement should be viewed as a contribution to improved administrative practices and profitability. The engagement should disclose weaknesses in financial practices, inefficiencies, and potential problem areas. Our audit programs and techniques are designed to accomplish these business objectives, which culminate in a management letter and a meeting between senior client management and our senior people to discuss our findings and recommendations for improvements in control and profitability.