CAUSEY is a firm of professional accountants and management consultants who share the belief that providing the finest quality of professional services to our clients is our fundamental obligation. We purposefully develop and sustain a long-term personal relationship with each client without jeopardizing our independence in mind or approach.

More than half of our professionals are principals and managers, assuring a high level of experience and a commitment to meet the needs of our clients.  Our higher ratio of owners-to-staff results in a higher caliber of work product on every project, for every client, every time.

We have avoided mergers and mass expansion by choice.  Each principal actively participates in the day-to-day delivery of our professional services. We believe our size provides the optimal combination of experience and efficiency and affords us the best opportunity to deliver the highest possible level of personalized, resourceful service to our clients, regardless of the size or nature of the business. Because many of our principals and managers were previously employed by Big Four CPA firms, many of whom worked together before joining CAUSEY, we are capable of providing the highest quality of services on par with much larger firms.

It is our goal to earn and maintain the trust of all our clients and those who rely on our work. CAUSEY values quality over quantity with respect to our trusted relationships with clients and employees. We consider the highest quality relationships to be ones involving a two-way approach to interaction and input. Our conscientious work-style, paying close attention to every detail and doing things right the first time, is a result of our firm values of integrity, commitment, and responsibility to our clients. We are able to provide integrated tax and financial services though a single relationship.

CAUSEY’s focus is to provide services to clients who are involved in significant financial transactions, small and medium-sized businesses, financial services organizations, established or aspiring executives, and state and local government entities.  We are members of the Center for Audit Quality (formerly the “SEC Practice Section”), the Private Companies Practice Section and the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Divisions for CPA Firms. We are a PCAOB registered firm.